April 28, 2013

7 quick takes, late style

Per usual linking up with 7 quick takes late, late, late. 
What can I say,  I am a procrastinator at heart. 
Really can't help it I was born this way, which is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

A lot has been going on this week, so I decided to use my iphone pics to dictate how my quick takes will go.

One of the best things about livin' in Paradise is that far away friends are always taking vacations right in our backyard. This week one of my good, dear, sweet high school friends Courtney was here with her adorable little girly Molly and stud husband Ben. Is there anything better than being with friends who have known you since high school. I think not. I feel so, so, SO blessed to still be in touch with so many of my besties from High School, even if it is mostly via email. 
They all have such a big ol' spot in this heart of mine and they think I am funny to boot,
which is a huge plus for this boring mom of four.  
Anyways, we met up for dinner with all the kids and mine surprisingly were very well behaved for the first 45 minutes. Of course, I made the mistake of pointing this out to everyone saying: "Wow the kids are being great." Within minutes of my uttering those words, they turned into jumping beans/crazy monkeys. And poor, sweet, unassuming Molly was surrounded as all 3 of my biggers were totally up in her grill, giving her no personal space and treating her like the new shiny toy/friend that was the best thing next to the ice cream that they had just slurped down. I kept squeezing Isaac's arm trying to make him behave, which later I caught him doing to Hope's arm. When I told him he couldn't do that to his sister he said: "Then why were you doing it to me." Touche, my son. 


Midweek we made a quick visit to Tampa with the girls and saw my parents. Hopie girl loved sitting with her Jaja.

Next in our busy week, Uncle Mark and his son Mario came into town!!!!!!! I can't put enough exclamation points behind that sentence to show you how much we loved having them.  My boys have literally been counting down the days til they came to visit. 
A little back story on Mario and his amazing family. Aunt Lauren and Uncle Mark (Matt's brother) are amazing parents and amazing people. They have 2 little ones and then adopted Mario just last year and now they are pregnant with twin girls! Their story of bringing him into their family is really amazing. Maybe Lauren will be a guest writer at Team Boda and share it with all of you. But long story short, Mario has been destined to be in the Loboda family. He is amazing and so is their family. I wish we lived closer so that we could see each other on the daily, but I'll take what I can get and this week was Awesome

Since Uncle Mark and Mario were in town, we also got to see Uncle Tommy and Aunt Jess and their crew! 

Aunt Jess just graduated from nursing school, talk about dedication going to school with three kiddos and a husband to take care of as well. She is amazing. We are so proud of her and seriously whoever gets her as a nurse is blessed by God. 
What's a blog post without a picture of Daddy and Gracie girl.

 Finally, nothing better than beaching it with all the kids.

That's all she wrote for tonight.
Love you all!! 


  1. Ha, Ha...I am so laughing at this. Kids are such little sponges. We've definitely had a few moments like that.

    " I kept squeezing Isaac's arm trying to make him behave, which later I caught him doing to Hope's arm. When I told him he couldn't do that to his sister he said: "Then why were you doing it to me."

  2. Glad to know you accept visitors ;)

  3. here again to make you smile because your blog makes me smile! seeing your smiling face in these pictures and seeing YOU in your kids how does that not brighten ones day! I love the pics in the water - truly looks like paradise! Love the focus on the family and friendships!! Love you girl and hope one day my family can visit you there in your backyard!!!

  4. I'm dying laughing so hard! Love all the pics and what a jam packed week! I guess it's just normal for you ;) So fun with Court and Ben and so glad you got to see so much family! I love that your dad looks the same! Oh High School!


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