April 20, 2013

Super late: 7 quick takes

1. Yes, just sitting here drinking my skinny girl peach margarita that my wonderful Matthew just went out and got for me. He likes to get a little bit of liquor in me *wink wink*... meaning (of course!) that just one drink makes me relax into the fun Kristin that he loves.

2. Is it really Saturday night and I am still trying to link up with Jen via Grace for 7 quick takes? Yes, I am a little slow, but I have been juggling 7 things in my head and lets see if I can get them out in a quick 20. Ready. Set. Go. That was 2, of course.

3. I mentioned earlier in the week that we were blessed to have two of the CFR Friar's stay with us in our humble abode. Matt and I may have lost a little sleep (Isaiah, Isaac, and Hope camped out in our room for 3 nights) to make this happen, but it was well worth it. I SO want my kiddos to desire after God and having Godly/fun/cool/real people in our home makes it that more enticing for them. I forgot to snap a photo with the boys and Brother PT, but be assured there was a lot of pillow fights, wrestling and talk about basketball, baseball and candy (Brother PT loves candy and has included in his vows the giving up of vegetables for the rest of his life) going on. Grace was right in on the action too saying: "Brother PT is my best friend. He play dolls with me," which actually never happen, but somehow she thinks it did, so IT DID.

4. We also had my cousin Maria and her husband Aaron and their 4 awesome kids in town staying at my parents beach condo.  You know the kinda of person that you feel like you could just hang out with forever and it would always be fun, stress free, and easy. That is Maria. Since we were kids I have always loved being with her. If we lived in the same State, I am sure that I would be at her house everyday drinking coffee, working in her organic flower and vegetable gardens, all while the kids played in the backyard. *Sigh* the perfect dream! Needless to say, the time that we were able to spend  with them was fabulous.
That's Maria. Yes, she is a supermodel.
This is one of 2 attempts at trying to get a picture with all the kids. It went well, don't you think?
My other attempt, a little bit better, maybe?

5. Today Grace and I went to her first "all girls" birthday party. Let me start off by saying that Theresa, a.k.a super mom, put us all to shame, making it the most special la la loopsy birthday party evaa. She hand made la la loopsy dolls for each girl where they could finish stuffing it, dressing it, and the like all on their own. She also had non-stop (and I mean non stop) fun and adventures la la loopsy style for 2 1/2 solid hours. It was so nice of her and Veronica to include our 2 year old Grace.
Grace dressed her own person, per usual. She was all ready to rock and roll. 
Grace in true Diva form. 
Grace with the sweet birthday Girl. 
6. Did I mention that I have been lovin' me some skinny girl margaritas, now peach margaritas, and also their mojito bottles?

7. On a totally different note, my heart has been breaking for Boston and all the victims of the terrible bombings. Prayers and more prayers are being said over here for everyone that has been affected.

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