April 23, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Guacamole

If I were to have one claim to fame in the kitchen, it would be my guacamole. I am somehow able to just sense/feel the exact amount of each ingredient to make this perfect blend of goodness.

And today I am sharing this goodness with y'all. It's easy peasy, per usual Kristin cooking style.

Avocados are such an amazing POWER food and one of our favorites over here at Team Boda. We consume them every single day. Our Isaac takes great pride in eating a whole avocado with just a spoon and the 'cado itself in hand.

Homemade guac is so much better than the pre packaged stuff and only takes a mere 10 minutes to make. You must try.
So without further ado, here's the dilio.

~3 avocados
~1 small Onion
~1 medium Tomato
~Lemon or lemon juice (or a lime or lime juice would work)
~Sea salt--Everyone knows to use sea salt now a days, right? Just making sure, because table salt has sugar and chemicals in it (yucko).

1. Scrape out the avocados into a bowl and mash with a fork. Keeping the seed in your guac until you are ready to serve helps to keep it from turning brown.
2. Cut up small onion.

3. Cut up a tomato (which I actually did not have in my fridge tonight, so I substituted with salsa).

4. Add a half of a squeezed lemon. The key with the lemon is to add a little and then taste and then add a little bit more if needed. You don't want the lemon to over power the guac.
I am including this pic, because I love the nail polish that I am wearing and thought you all should see the color. 

5. Combine all ingredients and mash together.
6. Last, add your sea salt. I am very generous with the salt. I add and taste, add and taste, add and taste until I am satisfied.

Bam. Done. So healthy and so easy.

I forgot to take a picture of the final product, but it looks so good and tastes even better. You can eat this as a meal (which I often do), as an app, or with your favorite mexican dish. Enjoy!

Go over and see Sahmy's Tasteful Tuesday. What every she makes turns to gold, seriously.


  1. I live in guacamole country (Mexico) and amazingly, the guac they make here is quite bland unless you mix salsa in. Salsa here is very piquante and a perfect addition. Actually the thing they do most often with avocados down here is liquify them into a sort of sauce (VERY bland) to put into tacos. I prefer mine like Isaac does - in the skin, with some salt sprinkled on.

  2. So Fabulous! Guac is one of my top 5 fav foods of all time! Now I would just need a Maz/Sahmy night with MARGARITAS! With a SALTED rim, of course. I''ve got to get Bill board with guacamole because when I make it, I have to eat it all myself! And love the nail polish! Glad spring is here for the fun red/orange/pink nail colors to get underway!


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