April 22, 2013

just to say hi

Matt snapped this winner of a pic with my favorite wine. 
The other dia after a looooooooooonggg day with the kiddos, two of whom were sick therefore leaving us stranded at the homestead ALL day, I began to really loose my marbles. I don't know if it was the constant questions and demands of my little ones, not getting much sleep the night before with Hopie girl doing her regular nightly nursings and the others sick, or too many games of candy land in a row, but either way I WAS SPENT.  And by the end of dinner I guess it was completely obvious to Matt. So being Mr. Amazing and always looking out for his other half (me), Matt sent me out sans babies to catch my breath and do some much needed Marshall's therapy shopping.

I think I could spend a whole day in Marshall's simply walking around in circles putting items in my cart and then later taking them out because I didn't really need them in the first place, and call it an extremely productive and well spent outing.

So, as I was scoping out the jean section (which for some reason I ALWAYS think I need a new pair of jeans) slurping on my smoothie, I got a text from Matt. It said: stay OUT and don't come home til u visit Jesus in Adoration. My heart immediately skipped a beat and knew that was exactly what I needed and probably SO much more refreshing than the faded apparale I was deciding between. So I packed up (and by packing up that meant putting back the 6 pairs of jeans that I was going to try on, taking off a pair of shoes that I was wearing to just "see" if I liked them and returning them to the shoe section, putting back the outfit that I thought for a split second Hope could not do with out, and heading to the check out line with my one item, a spatula, for our kitchen) and headed over to see the Lord.

As I filed quietly into our little chapel, I knelt before my friend and thought what do I want to say, its been so long (I seem to somehow always have an excuse to run an errand over making a quick stop to our church). Nothing came at first, then I just whispered: "Hey, I just came to say hi." I felt myself smile at the lameness of my simplicity before the King of Kings, but within seconds I knew he was smiling too and thanking me for stopping in.


  1. Aww..this was such a sweet post. Adoration is usually just what we need! I am so laughing at you putting all these clothes in your cart and then just buying a spatula. That is totally something I would do.

  2. Ditto- so sweet! The part about filling up your cart and emptying it made me laugh. So true!

  3. I love this. :)

    And, that pic... it's basically just awesome.

  4. The winery is close to where we live!! :) Can't believe I haven't been there yet!

  5. You have a great hubby! Phil will always ask me if I want to go to Confession, and that usually does seem to solve everything!

  6. I love this! I cracked up the whole time! I think we could be the same person in Marshalls! But Such a good reminder of where we should spend our time in addition to the best store! Thank you Maz and Matt!


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