January 11, 2014

Christmas 2013... just a little bit late

Christmas 2013

Is it really January 11th?
 Well yes, yes it is, but that is not going to deter me from finally typing out some Christmas cheer.

Father Zyg was here for Christmas and it was nothing less than awesome to have him with us. We were able to attend his Christmas Eve Mass and Hope was once again his baby prop for his homily. She loved being held in front of the congregation, as Father Zyg explained the humble miracle of God coming to us as a baby.  
Aunt Mags was home from College too and per usual having her home is second to having Santa Claus in town. 

The kiddos were all smiles mostly all day. I mean how could they not be with presents galore and happy birthday Jesus cake. 
 Now the true heroine of the day/week of Christmas is the Grammy above. She cooks, cleans, shops, wraps, and cooks some more and then some more again, so that all of us have the best Christmas possible. And we did. 

It is always hard for me to end the Christmas season, because it truly is the most wonderful time of the year, but tomorrow decorations are coming down and New Year's resolutions will be posted (maybe :). 


  1. Never too late for Christmas pics, Kristen!
    Especially when they are as cute as yours!
    Loved them all...so happy it was merry!

  2. Great pics!
    This one makes me miss you all and am so glad you had such a wonderful Christmas!
    Love you!


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