February 8, 2013

7 quick takes

Lent is fastly approaching and I am preparing to do something BIG for Our Lord, I just haven't figured out what exactly. So far my thoughts are 1. I need to spend more time with Him everyday, thus, quiet time with Him alone each day and 2. Giving up sweets, which I have never yet attempted to do in my 34 years of life. For the past 6 years and being constantly pregnant, giving up any sort of food or treat just didn't seem like a logical option for me, in my not so logical state of being. And as far as the years pre-preggo, I think I was just anti-giving up sweets, I don't know why....possibly because it is just so stinkin hard. So we shall see.... I will keep you posted... talking to my 5 readers of mom, momloboda, Maggie, Sahmy and Colleen.
Back in the day, Grace taking her prayer time. 
Since Hope has been a whopping 2 months old, every time I down my favorite drink of hot steaming coffee in the morning, by noon I am sick as a dog for 2 hours. At first I didn't know what was going on and was like "uh-oh I am pregant". But no I am not. So with process of elimination, all roads lead to that hot black liquid. Three times in the last month I have tried just alittlelittlebit of the black heavenly and 2 hours later I am sick. So sadly, I know its the coffee. My mommy friend at the park told me today that it is probably my hormones and will go away, so I am praying HARD that I can have this addicting and satisfying meal, I mean drink, soon once again in the mornings.
We have been having 5 oclock dance parties here at the house, inspired by a friend from far far away who posts hers on Facebook. (I will spare you pictures of me getting my grove on). For some reason though, the dance parties always end in tears or someone getting hurt.
How is this possible. I don't know.
But it is still worth the 7.5 minutes of blissful fun.
Isaac is doing some sort of dance in the tent tunnel?
Dance time always turns in to gymnastics of sorts. Isaac never ceases to amaze me with his uber flexiblity. 
Hope is just getting so big and Grace is constantly trying to deck her out with necklaces, bracelets and bows. "Hopie like it," she enthusiastically says. 
The girls and I prepared a welcoming home from school snack party-par-par in our driveway. Smoothies made of strawberries, bananas, hand full of spinach (artfully disguised by me), almond milk, and probiotics. 
Grace running to see dada, zah, and doggie. 
Hope has definitely found her voice!  
And her thumb.
Award for best baby holder for the week goes to.... Zah. 


  1. Elsa sucks her thumb too! It is the CUTEST THING EVER! I love seeing a baby suck their thumb..so cute!

  2. Oh these are just too much! I love reading your blog. Ok the coffee thing totally stinks. Hopefully it is te hormones. Ill be praying for you on that one! And the Lenten thing - mine always is I give up sweets but I couldn't last year w nursing bc my milk went away when I'd lessen up on the sugar. Blah. I love the pics of Hope and her thumb! All that hair too - so cute and I think she looks so much like Matt! Ok off to snooze but love u!

  3. nOOOO! You can't have coffee? That's your lenten sacrifice right there!

  4. dude can you make me one of those smoothies- with the strawberries,and bananas. . skip all the other crap- and just add ice cream, ice and whip cream, and well call it a day!

    Love Hopes curls on top. Shes a cutie!

    Giving up sweets is sooooooooo hard. I only accomplished that one year when i was in college- cause i was super holy back then- i think it was my junior year. But i broke on sundays. Good luck with that!!!! Not sure what im going to do this year yet either! Gabe and felicity are giving up video games, and computer games they informed me yesterday. Can i give up saying bad words? hahah jk- Theresa


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