February 25, 2013

Happy 18th!

A little ways back I introduced my sister Maggie to you here and now in the blink or two blinks of the eye she has turned 18 years old.

During my non-showering, 20 years old, spring chicken days,  I was this on Fire for God girl, traveling on REACH (a youth ministry team) and counting down the days till Maggie turned a mere 3 years of life. I was overcome with love for her as a baby and I still am!

Like I have said before, she has always been special. So special.  Independent from the time she could walk and bound 'n determine to make her mark on our family and now the world. For the first 15 years of her life I was probably too hard on her, treating her like I was her mom and she was my child. Thank God for Matt and my mom helping me to see the error of my ways and telling me that all I needed to be was simply her sister. And that is what I have become and love to be, her big sis.

One oh-so fond memories I have about Mags is that when she was little she always loved animals and kitty cats. My family has the cutest tradition at Christmas time of having all the kids reenact the nativity story for the rest of the family. One of the little girl cousins would of course play Mother Mary and the rest of the girls would be beautiful little angels. But Maggie always chose to dress up in her lion, cat or cow costume in order to be an animal that sat by Jesus' manger.  It was so incredibly sweet.

The reason that this shout out is late, her birthday was Feb. 22, is because I have spent countless hours trying to put together a movie montage. I am so amateur at this, it is almost embarrassing, but all for love of Mag.

Marjorie Lynette,
I love that I have entrusted two of my babies to you, as your God children.
I can't stop smiling that you have chosen to go to my alma mater FUS as your college of choice. I am sure that as well as your bachelors you will get your MRS there (wink, wink).
I love your hair and the way that you do your makeup.
I love your smile and how you are always up for a good time.
I love that you love Matt and my kids. And that you are willing to watch them if I want to take a nap.
Sorry for the times I have been too hard on you; know that even in the midst of that I do love you so much.
Sorry that I have been so boring the last 7 years due to child birth and child rearing. Hopefully someday soon I will be fun again.
You are a gift. And God has such big and amazing plans for your life.
I love calling you friend and sister.

This video is for you! :)


  1. This is so beautiful! I'm sure she thinks the world of you! Oh sisters!

  2. This is so sweet Kristin!- Theresa M

  3. maggie has turned into a Beautiful women by the way!!!- Theresa


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