February 28, 2013

So Thankful

This week I am so thankful.... Thankful for life, for family, for getting my hair cut for the first time in 9 months, for sunny days and swimming pools, thankful for sleeping babies, for good babysitters and for happy hour at Outback. But at the TOP of my list of thankfulness is for my 2nd set of parents who are visiting all the way from icy Cleveland for 10 whole days. Woot woot!!

We just love having Gramma Boda (Nene) and Grampa Boda (Papa) visit. Their love for our little family is palpable and overflows into each jam packed day that they are here. Our kids can hardly contain their excitement at their arrival. Heck, I can hardly contain my excitement.
Isaac wouldn't leave Papa alone for a second. 
And Grace wanted to sit right next to Nene while eating her pizza. 
While Hope later passed out on her lap. 
And of course g-free pancakes were made the next morning with Grampa.
Having Nene and Papa a part of our daily lives, makes our world a happy place. (And I am not just saying this because they read my blog!!)  When they visit they engage in all that we do and get down in the dirt with us through all the playing, laughing, melt downs and tears. They pray with us and for us and always make us feel like we are doing a super stellar job with our child rearing, even when our three olders are being rotated in and out of time out at a constant speed.

We are truly blessed to have them in our lives and I am so thankful for their love and support. I know I am getting a little mushy (like usual), but I like mushy and I really like them. My thankful gauge is cranked to a full tank every time they visit and makes it more fun to keeping chugging along in this life full of beautiful babies, stinky diapers, boo-boos and the like.


  1. I loved your comment about the kids being rotated in and out of timeout - sounds like our house!

  2. How sweet! They seem so wonderful! I'm glad they are there to visit for awhile!


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