March 2, 2013

7 quick takes

Joining Jen at Conversion Diary for another round of quick takes. 

I know 7 quick takes are suppose to be on Friday, but I just couldn't finish them up yesterday, so here we go a day late. 

Mom and Dad Loboda are here and we are having so much fun! 

We hit up a hockey game with ALL the kids, including 2 cousins. Yes, a little crazy, but lots of fun. And double the fun because Gramma and Grampa kept the boys afterwards for a sleepover. 
Bounce house before game. 
Nothing is better than having cousin Chase around. 
It was like 55 degrees out, so we had Hope in three layers with blankets wrapped around. 

Again, Hope was the most well behaved of the whole bunch. 

 Grace is still posing, which is still cracking us up to no end. 

For #5 a little bit of Hope news. 
Have you ever taken a picture of your baby and then when you went to look at it thought to yourself, "I didn't know she looked like this." That happened to me with this pic. 

Hope is such a happy baby that when she nurses she spends half the time smiling at me. So it goes like this:  latch, nurse, smile at mommy... latch, smile... nurse, smile... and over and over.  

The boys game of choice this week was Tennis in the driveway/street. They seriously did this for an hour at a time. 

And finally, I discovered these Kale Chips from Trader Joe's this week and I la la love them. 
You must try! 


  1. Maz, what great quick takes! The pics of Grace are so funny and cute. Hope seems like a gem! And I love that it's chilly there so you can actually LAYER - the best! haha

  2. Kale Chips= Gross. Ill stick to Doritos
    Love Graces shoes- I think I have the same ones!!! hahahaha

    Hope is getting so big and beautiful!

    - Theresa

    ( Im catching up on my team Bota blog!)


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