March 27, 2013

Birthday Madness

Here at team Boda we don't just celebrate a birthday for one day, no no no we celebrate it all weekend with multiple parties and extravaganza's. On Sunday we had Isaac's big birthday party with all our friends. It was held at a beautiful park that has a Marina and place for kids to fish right by a great covered pavilion and a playground. My superman of a husband spent most of his time between all the kiddos baiting and rebaiting, untangling and reuntangling fishing lines. Up to his eye balls with kids he barely had a second to think, but of course all done with a smile on his face. He really is a super star, just saying. And I managed the food part and set up (of course, I forgot the dressing for the salad, the veggies that Matt so diligently cut up that morning for the salad, and probably something else that I am forgetting right now), but regardless the party was still a hit.
Isaac was not really in the picture taking mood,  but of course I kept snapping. 

Isaac, now being all grown up at age 5, should be over melt down central and cry your eyes out in front of guests stage, especially when it's his party! But lo and behold, right when I pulled up with the food and the girls he came running to me in sobs because he banged up his knee pretty darn good, causing all reason, control, and big boy capabilities to dissipate from his very being. So, as guests kept coming and I managed a somewhat fussing Hope, a Gracie girl, and getting all the food out of the car and over to the pavilion for setup, Isaac hung on my leg, behind my back, on my side-- pretty much wherever he could attach himself onto my person crying. My mind kept going back and forth from thinking "poor little buddy" in soft comforting mommy tones to "can't you pull it together, we have a party and lots of people that I am trying to talk to" in frantic I mean business tones. Thank God Aunt Katrin and Uncle Nate were there to help and eventually managed to get a bandaid on his wounded knee, they held Hope and helped me to get everything set up. Oh and Nate ran to Walmart for salad dressing!!! Pheeww what would I have done without them, seriously family is the best!
So after an hour or 2 or 4, Isaac finally released himself from my person and the party went on.

We had a surprise visit from my aunt, uncle and cousin visiting from Indiana which of course made the day even that much better.

Aunt Katrin was super Aunt and Godmother to Isaac making not just one amazing cake but 2, power ranger and the other monster jam, both of which Isaac requested.

She ALWAYS does an amazing job of taking care of her gfree little Godson.

It was so fun to have Mia and Ziggy all the way from Tampa come too. They helped Katrin with the cake and loved on Isaac the whole time. Ziggy so wanted to help Isaac out when he was in all his crying knee pain, quite the compassionate cousin.
Gracie girl picked out her cinderella outfit especially for the party. 

So in the end with all the bumps and kinks, it was a party success and Isaac felt really loved and special. Goal. Bam. Done.

As usual Matt and I went home, got the kids down as quickly as possible and relaxed with our adult beverage in hand, mine being one (maybe two beers). Then we both fell asleep dreaming of shrimp bait, monster jam trucks, and cute little kids running around the playground screaming, "Nan anah boo boo you can't catch me." Doesn't get much better than that folks.

We like to let the kids live on the wild side. 

A little spiderman pinata action. 

All smiles at the end= success.

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  1. This just made my day - you guys really pulled it off! I love all the pics and still can't get over the fact that you have 4 kids, even though I'm sure it's sunk in for you ;)


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