March 23, 2013

Sanctifying Sunday: Pope Francis Take 1

Thoughts from my beloved, Matthew Thomas... 

The past few days have been extremely exciting to say the least.  The white smoke came rather quickly and now we have a  new Pope-- Pope Francis that is!
Many people have asked me what I think and I've attempted to take a rather disciplined, moderate and reserved approach.  Maybe time has taught me to be more patient, mature like....

Maybe NOT!  I'm all in after reading and listening and watching.  This is not the time for pessimism and I'll go on record to say it's up to Pope Francis to disappoint me rather than prove himself, he's already begun, impressively begun proving himself.   

I know that I'm not the only one, but I have to make it known that the en vogue virtue of pessimism should be firmly rejected and optimism adopted.  The world is going to end, however, I don't think any time soon.  Even if it does, I can state beyond a reasonable doubt that the Lord certainly doesn't want to show up and have pessimistic Christians hunkered down in their bunkers with month supplies of Ramen Noodles and powdered milk.  

Pope Francis is sending a message of hope to EVERYONE!

His demeanor to me has been the incarnation of what it means to be a "pontiff", a bridge.  Interestingly enough, the "chair" of Peter is supposed to be a "bridge".  This bridge is supposed to be a bridge from humanity to God, and a bridge between the world's neighbors, ie, one another.

Next time I'll attempt to list my reasons.  Tune in for a couple of things that have made me wager my full betting capabilities and why I'm pushing all of my chips in for Pope Francis!

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