March 20, 2013

What they said: Pope Francis Style

This is a little late in coming, but here at Team Boda we had the most blessed time watching and waiting for the announcement of our new Pope.

I had just returned from New York with Hopie girl and before I went to lay my weary head down for a 30 minute power nap, Matt screamed: "There's white smoke!" This immediately pumped adrenaline through my veins, which plastered a permanent smile on my face. No nappy time for me! The boys, Hope, Matt and I (Gracie girl was already fast asleep for the afternoon) sat watching and waiting, our hearts hopeful and bright.

It was so fun to share those moments with our two big boys! They were caught up in all the joy with us and their comments throughout left us with lots of memorable laughs from this monumental day.

Isaac was completely convinced that Father Zyg was going to be the next Pope. He asked us at least 10 different times: "Is Father Zyg the new Pope?"

After watching the coverage for almost an hour and still waiting to see and hear who the new Pope was Isaiah said: "Mom, it's just so hard to wait." Yes, my sweet boy, I felt the same way!
Isaiah when he first saw Pope Francis on the TV.
When Pope Francis finally appeared Isaac said: "That guy looks like Father Zyg."

As the crowd in St. Peter's square were yelling "Viva La Papa," Isaiah says: "It seems like they are screaming, team Michael." Hmmmm... really Zah. 

We ended our time with a family prayer for our new Holy Father. Isaac wanted to lead and proceed to pray: "Bless us oh Lord and these thy gifts, which we are about to receive through Christ our Lord, Amen." Matt, Isaiah and I just went right along with him. Finished with the sign of the cross.  Bam. Done.

Later that night we went out to celebrate with friends at our favorite g-free pizza and sorbet restaurant. I asked the boys: "So what's the name of our new Pope?" Isaiah responded full of confidence: "Pope Peter." Close bud, very close, but it's Pope Francis.

The boys kept explaining to Grace that we had a new Pope. She on the other hand kept saying, "No Doggie and Zah, I do not have new pokes. I am a rock star." Well said Grace. 


  1. Ooo..what's your favorite GF pizza and sorbet restaurant? I'm always looking for GF pizza (that I don't have to make!)

    That is so cute what the kids said! We were all excited over here too..I actually got to watch it on TV (and I usually miss EVERYTHING);l

  2. Do you all eat Gluten Free at your house? Your kids are crazy his socks!


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