March 4, 2013

What they said...

Grace: "Momma, I prin press and dada a monster. Grrrrr."

Isaiah: "Mom, I am just not really feeling school today." Sorry sweetie still have to go. 

Matt and Grace sitting on the couch sharing what seems to be a sweet moment.
Matt says: "Gracie girl, Jesus made you so special and loves you so much."
Grace responds in all sincerity: "Dada, smell my feet."

Isaac: "Mom you look like an animal with your hair like." Hmmm, okay, thanks for sharing Isaac. 

Grace: "Momma, my belly hurt, I need cook-ie. Hope belly hurt, she need mommy's milk."

As I am walking out the door for a little Target therapy shopping, Grace says: "Bye Mom, I'll call you later."

When a commercial came on the tv with with Ryan Seacrest in it, Matt asked me: "Do you think Ryan Seacrest and I could be twins? I mean, look at his hair and then look at mine." Uhhh no. Sorry babe, I just don't see it. 

Me: "Did you just roll your eyes at me?"
Matt: "Yes, and I meant for you to see."


  1. Hysterical! I'd love to be a fly on the wall at your house!

  2. Cute :)
    I almost called you yesterday bc Avila was pretending to talk to Grace in the phone, so they could chat, and we could attempt to chat :)

  3. LOL oh my goodness, these were great!


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