February 4, 2013

The Good Life

Still waiting for Matt to come home, so in the mean time we hit up dinner at Redbrick for gluten free pizza, the second time in 4 days. I like to live it up when he is away. 
As you can see, RedBrick offers superb entertainment. No shame in this mom. 

But I do always feel just a wee bit guilty letting them plant themselves in front of a box during a family meal time, so we went out to the courtyard afterwards for some action packed tag.  

 I did enter into the fun and tagged them all, like 100 times. Just no pictures for proof. Then Isaiah decided to show us all of his karate moves. 

Grace then showed us her moves. 

This was Hopes perch to watch all the fun. 

Then.... because this is all so interesting, this mom of 4 headed to Cosco, all in tow. 

All the other shoppers were so thrilled that we were there, especially every old person who was shopping for their one product of gourmet cheese, pushing their cart at -10 miles an hour.

I finally gained a little control when I/Pirates Booty coerced Gracie Girl to get in the cart. 

Hope was the civil one in the bunch and her sweet smiled seemed to soften some people to our clan. 

$206.58 later we made it back to our car all in one piece. 

 So after all that... I got the kids home. Lego and drawing time. Clean up - clean up. And Kids in bed at 7pm. Beers chilling in the fridge. Hope and I waiting for daddy to come home. 
The good life indeed.  


  1. You make me want to move to Florida! What a great Mom you are, I'm glad you get your hubby back now!

    1. Thanks, colleen. You should visit with Sahmy!! bring the whole family, seriously!

  2. Love your blog, Kristin! I think the slow cheese shopper shops at our Costco too. :)

    1. Lisa! hellooo. I didn't know that you had a blog either. Can't wait to read and catch up on you. :)


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