May 22, 2013

5 favorites!

Joining the Hallie at Moxie Wife for another round at 5 favorites. Hope you enjoy!

1. SkinnyGirl Cosmo, mmm mmm good!

I would hate to disappoint, so I must start with my magic potion of choice for this week. I know I have raved about my Skinnygirl margarita find, but my mom told me that I must try the Skinnygirl cosmo concoction, so I did and I let me say:  I am hooked. It is perfectly sweet, yet not too sweet. The only problem is that it goes down the pipes just a teeny bit too easy and half of a bottle (or bottle whateves) is gone in no time.
To my Naples peeps, come over after 8 pm when my kids are down and I will pour you a drink, where we can then talk, laugh and let the wind blow our hair, or something to that affect. I will be waiting for you!

2. Exfoliating Gloves

My mom gifted these light green shower gloves to me this weekend and after only one use I am a believer. My skin feels revived, renewed, and fresh. I could even hear it (my skin) say a quiet "thank you for finally taking care of me".

3. Covergirl's Clump Crusher Mascara

I am always on the search for a smooth/non-clumpy, long lasting, thick mascara and right now I am lovin' this one. And really how could you go wrong with mascara that has Crusher in its name!

4. Dis Maxi Dress
I bought this maxi dress from good ol' Target and have gotten multiple compliments from Matt and my mom. I always know an article of clothing meets their approval when they both say every single time that I put it on: "You really should get that dress in every color."
Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Hi Lo Maxi Dress - Assorted Colors  f
5. Ergo Baby Carrier

This is old news for most, but I am just now hearing with baby #4 that the Baby Bjorn isn't the best way to hold your babe and that it can actually hurt their hips. Sorry to my first 3 babes, for you lived in the Bjorn, hopefully you won't be scarred for life! So...I bought this Ergo carrier after I had Isaac, but I was slow in using it. Like I said, I was really attached to my Bjorn and the fact that my babes always seemed to like facing out. With Hope and my new found knowledge of hurting babies hips, I gave my Ergo another try and I have to say I have fallen in LOVE with it. Why you ask? Well, because it is 100 times more comfy than the Bjorn and does not hurt my shoulders or back at ALL.
Lately, Hopie girl has loved riding around on my back and I equally love being hands free (yes, that is a Skinnygirl in my hand), yet having her so close.

Now feel free to go see some other (probably WAY more stimulating) 5 fav's over at Moxie Wife


  1. These are awesome.

    I only wish I was among the Naples peeps because that drink looks gooooood.

    I love the ergo to infinity.

    1. Thanks Ana! I wish you were one of my Naples peeps too :).

  2. I has a Beco baby carrier, very similar to the ergo and I loved it!

    1. I have heard that the Beco is great too! I kinda want to borrow my friends to see the difference :).

  3. I loooove my Ergo - I tried my husband's Bjorn ONCE and it killed my back!!! I think he kept it because he felt like he was a man who could take the pain :P But I gave it away before the twins were born and now he keeps stealing my ergo!

  4. Yuuuummmm... that SkinnyGirl Cosmo was awesome!! :) Thanks again, my friend!


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