May 13, 2013

What They Said....

Grace: I love Uncle Katrin.
Me: You mean Aunt Katrin?
Grace: Yes, Uncle Katrin.

While Matt and I were looking at Hope and examining her cute chunky thighs.
Matt: I guess we know she has your legs.
Me: Thanks Babe. Thanks a lot.
Hope with her chunky thighs!

When Matt and I had the night "off" while our biggers were sleeping over at Aunt Katrin's and Uncle Nate's.
Matt: Do you want to call and check on our kids to pretend that we care?
Me: Babe, I already spoke to them twice. (Yes, I get the better parent award for this one.)

During Mass the day of Grace's birthday our Priest was talking about sanctifying grace.
Isaac: Is he talking about Grace because, it's her birthday weekend?
Me: Yes, you're right, now shhhhhhhh!
Grace: Momma, when you were a little baby you drink my milk?
Me: No. I drank my Mommy's milk.
Grace: NOOOO! You drink my milk.
Whatever you say girlfriend!

Isaac: Mom, don't forget to put Probiotics in my water this morning.
Just a little Loboda morning talk


  1. Oh my word...I am dying at the chubby thighs one...that is tooo funny!!! Men!

    And FTR, you definitely do not have chubby legs.

    1. Thanks Amelia, I am glad you have my back!! :)

  2. These are great! thanks for sharing because YES I do think your kiddos (and Matt) are just as funny as you do! :0)

  3. Heehee! I think Matt wins as funniest this round :)

  4. Too funny! I love the Grace one, and chunky baby thighs are sooo cute (love her onesie too!).


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