May 6, 2013

Happy Birthday, Gracie Girl

Our Gracie Ann is 3 today. Hip hip horray!

We celebrated yesterday with lots of princesses, makeup, dress up and dolls - all per Gracie girl's request.

Before I tell you all how much we love and adore our Grace, I must make a slight interlude.

It is a simple fact that Matt and I love throwing parties. For us there is nothing better than having friends and family over with good food, good booze, and good company. But most times when we are cleaning, cooking, and trying to corral our 4 kiddos in the hours pre-party, we feel like we have gone and shot ourselves in the foot (literally, we are both in pain) for planning such a big shindig and if we were mic'd you would most likely hear many a unpleasant words under our breath. This angst always goes away as soon as our guests arrive, which then we experience true party bliss, lasting until everyone goes home and we throw the kids in bed. Even our 2 hour clean up seems to be done happily (tiredly, but happy none the less). So what I am trying to say is that our party bliss/high covers a multiple of sins from our pre-game, which seems to make it all worth it, hence how we continue to throw the big digs over and over again. (And for some reason my typing fingers just had to let you into this interlude of thought.)

But this time for Grace's party we kept it to family. And let me tell you it was the same type of bliss without the pre-game pain! We had so much fun just chillin' with our family and were SO blessed that they made the trip down.

We started the morning off with Grace in her bday crown while having a tea party and pancakes.

Later in the day my family made the 2 1/2 hour trip for the parTAY. Grace was tickled pink to have Mia, Ziggy, Aunt Mag, Grammy, Jaja, Emily and Uncle Michael here.

My dad playing football with all the kids! 

It is a crazy thing to see your kids get bigger. I can't tell you how many times a month I hear from every stranger and friend alike: "This time with your little ones will go by quickly, so make sure you enjoy them while they are young." And yes, I totally get what they are saying, because it seems like just yesterday I had Grace right next to me in the co-sleeper nursing all night long, but in the same breath it really does feel like 3 years have gone by. And I am so glad that I have experienced the beautiful gift of HER everyday.

Grace is our little girl who is so full of life that she shines. She keeps us laughing and dancing day and night and she loves her brothers and sister to the ends of the earth. God has blessed us with the gift of her life and we are so thankful to call her our daughter.

Gracie girl, we pray that you always stay close to Jesus and Mother Mary and that your life continues to bring joy to all who are around you.  We love you baby girl.
Do you think they look alike?


  1. Avila and Maxson are sitting with me looking at Grace's pics and they are so happy pointing to each one! Avila REALLY wishes she could be there for the cupcakes! (not to mention being with Grace!) miss you all!!

    1. Awwe, I can just picture you all around the computer :). We loved face timing. Seeing your kiddos was so fun! I love them and miss them!

  2. Happy Birthday Grace! Kristen, we are twinsies with the party throwing. I love having people there and enjoying themselves but hate the stress of cleaning and prepping. I'm sure nobody would notice if the house was not as clean as our standards, so I need to relax!

    1. So right! I even go as far as feeling like my closet should be clean, just in case someone goes in there. I annoy Matt to no end. And I am trying SO hard to work on this!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Gracie Girl!!! :) It looks like she had a wonderful day!

  4. This looks like the best party ever! Addie Jo wouldn't have known what to do with all the princess stuff. She would have died. I love the interlude - because it does take a LOT to get ready for guests with the house and food (and I can't imagine with 4 kids) and Bill thinks I'm a nut job when it comes to getting everything how I want it - but then again, we all learned from mom how to be frantic before hosting! ;) Glad the day was a blessed one! Bill says hi Cindy Lou Who!

    1. We wish you could have been there, since you know I wouldn't stress about you seeing my house messy :). Or we would just hide all the dirty dishes in the shower!

      I am showing Matt your comment that bill bill thinks you are a nut job when getting ready for guests, because Matt seriously thinks I am the only one :).


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