June 4, 2013

Far from Perfect

*sigh* Oh how I wish I was a better mom at times.... 

Anyone who knows me knows that I am waaay, and I mean waaaaay-hooo, far from the perfect mom. On a daily basis I find myself yelling too loud, getting mad too too quickly, and not listening as I should. The truth is that I could go on and on and on about my far from perfect ways. But instead of typing moe money about that, here are some things that I am aspiring to work on this week and beyond.  

+ Putting down the stainless steal pan that I am intently scrubbing off dried, crusted eggs from 5 hours earlier in order to get eye level with my baby talking (ps. which is SO annoying) 3 year old and listen to her demands for water/snack/something and patiently remind her to speak nicely, say please and to STOP talking like a baby.

+ Stop my important typing (ha!) and ask my Isaac to play a game of Uno, because I know that a happy smile will be plastered on his face for the next hour... Or at least his smile will be there until his brother by accident hits him with the thorn-in-my-side Ninja Turtle play sword that I have meaning to accidently lose for days now. 

+ Listen to Isaiah with full, attentive, and compassionate eyes and ears as he explains how life can just be SO hard, especially when his shoes get soaked from the unexpected (HUGE) puddle of water in our cul-de-sac. 

+ Dial down the volume of the humongous pile of laundry that is camping out on our couch and screaming at me to fold and then put away and TURN UP the music and dance about with my sweet girls.

+ Stop texting on my phone and read a book (or 5) to the kids.

+ Run around playing tag with my off spring, just because.

These may sound pretty simple to most, but I'm praying for some extra grace and patience to let go and let God and make me into a better and more patient Momma for my 4 littles. 

How could I ever choose laundry over these 2 chicas!
Pausing to let Isaac take a pic of me, even though I wanted to scream say: "Not now buddy! Can't you see I am doing something!"
Who wouldn't want to play Ninja Turtles on skateboard? I, for one, am always up for that!


  1. So much of being a mom is just being present - so I'd say you're doing awesome!

    1. You are so right :). Always trying to work on that.

  2. Love this. And great encouragement, b/c I ALWAYS feel like the laundry takes at least a week to get put away, the breakfast dishes are still there at dinner, and the computer is just begging me to log on!

  3. This is great...I definitely need to work on being more present with my kids.

    And, what is it with eggs and stainless steel pans? Why did eggs have to get crusted onto everything?

  4. Love this post!! What a helpful perspective; it's true -- those small goals/choices make up the big picture. It becomes a question of whether I choose to serve others or myself....

  5. Aww... you go Mama! We all really stink at parenting if we are the ones judging ourselves. Happy kids? Then you're doing pretty great. Make sure you do hold on to that stuff, like the Ninja turtles on the skateboard because before long they will be playing with technology that you don't understand and you'll miss those days... or maybe that's just me?

  6. Ohhh... good goals you have it seems.

    I mean... from what I can tell. You are an AWESOME momma. The love you have for your kids pours out of you, even when they say weird things or don't want to go to bed. It's true. I've witnessed it. :)

  7. Such good reminders. I'm right there with you. My texting and blogging seem so urgent at the moment, but the real urgency is the time I'm wasting away while the kids are at my feet. I know I need some adult conversation and hobbies, but I need to find a better balance. Summer is a hard time since we're off our normal routine and it's so HOT for them to go outside! Will use some of these ideas to work on a better day tomorrow :)

  8. oh maz, this is a good one - but i know you're your own worst critic! i'm sure things change around the house now too with summer break! you seem to do way more than keep your head above water! i commend you for even your bad days! ;)
    love you all

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