June 9, 2013

Sunday Best

This week our darn packing up the house has kept most my free time pretty much all tied up, but of course I had to take a break from the boxes and make it for Grace's Link Up!

For those that don't see me on a day to day basis, it must be said that I am the type of person that if I like something, I wear it EVERY single day for like 5 years straight. Really, I am not exaggerating! Well, this here skirt (a Ross super buy) has been worn daily pretty much for the last week and today for my Mass. (I am thinking it may need to be thrown in the wash tonight, but most likely my lazy bones will give it one last whirl tomorrow).  

Kiddos Behavior: 
Matt's parents and the cousins were with us today for Mass, which made our kids behave (yet again) super good. I just love having a big crew of Loboda's taking up the entire row at Mass and I so wish they all could be here every Sunday. However, with their abode residing in Cleveland the possibility of that is Nada. But, I am still hopeful that the last two Sundays are a clear sign that we have crossed over into a new kids-somewhat-well-behaved-for-Church zone. I am cheers-ing to that tonight and to the possibility of a lot less headaches on Sundays. 

Isaiah and Isaac: B+ (I don't know, just because).
Grace: B (Grace was still Grace, but she was super tired, so I am giving her an extra half a point). 
Hope: A- (The minus is for chomping on my hair INSTEAD OF the 10 teething toys and necklace that I brought). 

Matt has been wanting to write again for Sanctifying Sunday's, but alas I keep working him too hard and he is already passed at only 9pm. But since I know y'all have been missing him, here is a special tribute of his Sunday Best. 
 Working it. 
 His flips. 

Do you find those as funny as I do, probably not, but still just had to post. 

Sunday Thoughts: 
Well, if I am being honest here, I can not even recall the readings for today. Uggh, so embarrassing. But between holding a tired Grace, nursing Hope, and telling Isaiah to put the bulletin DOWN, I just missed them. (Don't worry, after this I will be googling them to refresh my non-rembering brain.) But one thing that really hit me today was something Dad Loboda told me. He said: "We have to always remember that God does not make trash." He said this, of course, in context to what we we were talking about and it has stuck with me all day. Such a good reminder that God only makes beautiful, beautiful people, which I pray I remember the next time someone really ticks me off. 

Praying your Sunday was great! Go and visit Grace for more.


  1. I did laugh out loud when I saw your husband "working it," and I called my husband over to look at his pictures...I don't know if that means I find them as funny as you do. But they're definitely funny. :)

  2. Bahahahaha! :) They did make me laugh. :)

    And, I love that skirt! I want to wear skirts like that but I am too short!! Ugh.

  3. You look great....I love clothes you can wear over and over again!

    I was totally laughing at Matt too...especially his flip flops. In FL, flip flops are a major fashion statement!

  4. All I saw was the thumbnail of your husband workin it on Camp Pattons link up and was cracking up!! Had to come over and check it out!! Too funny! I appreciate the "God does not make trash" comment. Nice reminder. :)

  5. Matt is so funny! (And is it weird to say he has nice legs?)

    1. I can't wait for him to read your comment! He will so love that you said that :). And yes, I think he has pretty nice legs too!

  6. I'm dying with Matt's poses. Hysterical! Bill and I are cracking up in hospital

  7. haha, I love the grade commentary. And that skirt is so cute! Hope your packing goes smoothly!


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