June 15, 2013

The Play by Play

I know, I know, no one really cares about me typing my narcissistic minute by minute Midnight to Noon chronicle. But, for some reason I thought this would be fun and help me to justify to myself why I am getting NO packing done and why my house is such a mess!

So here is the play by play.
Ready. Set. Go!

Midnight (last night) - Bed time for me.

12:20am - Wake to the sound of Hope crying. Walk from my bed to our school room (where Hope sleeps in a pack n play) to nurse her.

3:30am - Hear lil' Hopie girl crying again. Stumble my way to the school room to nurse her.

6:30 - Hear da Hopie crying again...Grumble my way to the school room to nurse.

6:40 - Transfer Hope to the pack n' play in our room, put the binky in her little mouth, and back to bed for both of us.

6:50 - I hear the boys out in the living room and roll over in my warm, snug bed.

7:03 - Grace is up and telling me very LOUDLY her desperate need for me to put a bow in her hair.

7:04 - Bow in her hair.  I plop back down in my bed while the kids are talking or playing something in the living room.

7:10 - I roll out of bed to tell Grace to stop yelling.

7:10 and 30 seconds - Back in bed for me.

7:25 - I get dressed to go to the gym and tell the boys to put their shoes on so that they can come with me.

7:30 - Try to explain to Grace that she can't come to the gym because last time she was whining and crying way to much.

7:35 - Still trying to reason with Grace to no avail.

7:40 - Hand Grace to Matt and run out the door with the boys and drive to gym.

8:00 - CrossFit time!

8:15 - After finishing JUST the warm-up, which included an 800m run, I start to think:  I may be in trouble today, because I am already really feeling it.   

8:30 -  I'm thinking: Am I really paying for this type of torture?? But, loving it just the same.

8:45 - Doing post WOD (work out of the day) air squats and shaking.

8:50 - Bam. Done with my workout for the day.

8:51 - Sit on the floor of the gym in a pool of sweat.

8:53 - Allow the boys to do pull-ups on the bar in my gym (they had been begging me all week). They did me proud.

8:57 - Pull through Dunkin Donuts for two medium coffees.

9:03am - Back to the homestead.

9:04- Hand Matt his coffee, change my clothes, and wash my hands, because there is no time for a shower just yet.

9:05 - Nurse the Hopie Hope Hopster.

9:15 - Sit down and gulp 5 awesome sips of coffee, while trying to block out the kids requests
for water, food and seemingly every basic need that they have.

9:20 - I get my booty up off the couch and get the kids water, and put out some fruit and toast.

9:25 - We all watch Hope crawl around and the kids argue over who gets to hold her.

9:30- Isaiah falls into the couch hurting his head and starts crying. I hold my big 6 year old.

9:32 - Kiss Matt goodbye as he leaves, sadly enough, for the funeral of a friend.

9:35 - Change Hope's over loaded pee diaper.

9:37 - Change Grace's diaper and coax her to get her underwear on.

9:40 - Story time with Mom (me). Hip, hip, hooray! The kids bring their blankets and pillows to listen to my grande and magical story telling voice, which half way through Isaac asks: "Why are you talking so weird?"
Warming up for Story Time. 
9:47- Tired of my story telling antics the boys want to dive into their Bob Books and read to me and the girls. We happily oblige and of course love to hear about how "Matt and Sam sat".

10:15- Isaiah calls Grammy to let her know how he read the book As Big As all by himself

10:20- Quick nurse for da Hopie girl and down she goes for her nap.

10:30 - Isaiah plays legos with Grace, while I make a for real breakfast of eggs and bacon.
Notice Grace's outfit change and hair accessories. She's always quite original.
10:40- I scarf down my eggs (because I am super hungry and waited too long to eat) all while still scrambling the kids eggs in the pan.

10:45- Eggs are served for what I should call brunch by now.

10:46 - Grace leads us in a drawn out prayer of "Bless Jesus, Mia, Hopie girl, Zah, and Doggie," which she repeats over and over again until Isaiah finally breaks in and finishes with "Bless our lives".

10:52 - Eggs are all down in the kids bellies.

10:53 - Isaac gets on the toilet.

10:55 - Isaac yells for me to wipe his bottom.

10:57 - Isaiah hops on the toilet.

10:59 - Graces screams she has to go poopie! Thus, Isaiah is made to finish as quickly as possible.

11:00 - Grace plops down on the potty.

11:10 - Grace finally finishes and yells for her treat, which I say she must put her underwear back on before she gets her treat.

11:15 - Grace finally puts her underwear on gets 4 chocolate chips.

11:20 - Boys are in their room playing Bey Blades, while Gracie girl dances around.

11:21 - I start a load of laundry.

11:24 - Hope wakes up!!

11:26 - Another quick Hopie girl nursing session.

11:30 - Grace, Hope and I play doctor, consisting of Grace putting the same play bandaid on us over and over again, while checking our temperature.

11:32 - The boys go outside for a game of tag and cry.

11:42 - Isaiah comes in the house complaining, which is an automatic timeout dis here house.

11:44 - Hope and I play 3 super lame fun games of hide and seek with the other 2, while Zah is in time out.

11:50 - Isaiah comes out of the laundry room (our timeout spot), I kinda forgot about him (whoops!!)

11:53 - We all smash an entire container of grapes in our mouths.

11:58 - The 3 biggers are peacefully playing some sort of "experiment game" in the boys room.

Noon - Hope and I begin to make g-free pasta for lunch.

Now that was fun, wasn't it?!
Nah, not really. Booorrring.
Don't worry, I'll try to never put you through that again.

Ps. When Matt came home around 1ish (1:19 if I was being exact) he asked me: "So what did you all do while I was out." To which I responded: "Nothing really."

Pps. It only took me until 4:30pm to get my shower in. Not too shabby or gross, same diff.


  1. I love reading those play by play things of people's days!

    And, you are such a fun awesome mom for playing with your kids!

    1. I always want to be fun, but there are so many things that keep me busy/not fun. I am sure you know what I mean! But I do try, even if it is just for 10 minutes at a time :).

  2. The bathroom had me laughing out loud...my kids always all need to poop at the same time too! And breakfast needs to be in our bellies by 8 or it's pretty miserable around here. I agree with Amelia...you're such a fun mom!

    1. Somehow I have fooled you all into thinking I am fun!

  3. Yeah, this is pretty much amazing.
    I never ever play hide and seek with my kids-- 100 automatic fun bonus points for sure.
    You are a rock star.

  4. You are seriously super fun mom! And I don't think I could get my act together to get to the gym before 10pm. AND I love when people do play by play posts.

  5. Phew! It was great to picture all of this! I could read your play by play every day!


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