June 20, 2013

What They Said

Grace: Mom, you look weird
Me: Really, what looks weird?
Grace: Your face.
Not much I can do about that.

Returning from a CrossFit workout where Isaiah and Isaac were there watching...
Matt: So Isaiah, how did mom do at the gym?
Isaiah: Well, she kinda looked like an old woman and she runs really slow.
Kids never lie.

While at the pool...
Me: Okay Grace, 1, 2, 3 JUMP.
Grace: No MOM, it's 1, 4, 6, 9 JUMP.
She's so smart, isn't she?
"Momma, call me Pink Cat Woman today."
 As you wish.
At the dinner table...
Isaac: Grace, do you know who dad's favorite saint is? It's Padre Pee-A.
Isaiah: Not Pee-A, Isaac. It's Padre Pio.
Grace: I like pah-drr-way pia. Oh tay, Doggie.
Oh tay, Grace.

Seconds later in the convo...
Isaiah: Do you think there is a holy card with Father John on it (Father John is our parish priest).
Isaac: I don't know, but I bet Father John has holy powers.
Isaiah: Yea, probably like power rangers.

As Isaac is giving me a hug, he whispers into my ear...
Isaac: Mom can you please teach Grace how to say Isaac, because I'm not a dog."
So sorry Bud, your request is pretty much hopeless right now. Maybe 10 years from now she will finally get it. Maybe...

Isaac comes to me with seemly very important news...
Isaac: Mom, Isaiah is the best farter in our family and I'm the best burper.

Matt and I talking about something...
Matt: You just live in your own world and I am going to leave you there.
Me: Thanks babe. And I TRULY appreciate being left there.

While Matt and I are coming home from a date night...
Matt: Wow, your legs are WHITE! You might want to consider signing up for couple of Zoom Tans. I mean...I am just trying to look out for you.
Always love having someone look out for me. 

Matt: Are you going to have a couple of Skinny Girl cocktails tonight?
Me: I dunno, why?
Matt: Well, your a lot more fun when you do.
What could I say when he is just telling the truth!


  1. Matt wins for the cocktails comments. Phil thinks the same way, as soon as my glass is empty he is up to refill it. No wonder we have so many kids :)

    1. Haha Bill does the same thing, although he doesn't really get lucky like Matt and Phil do haha.
      Matt might be honest about your white legs but Isaiah can't be telling the truth with you at the gym!

  2. I am cracking up! Especially poor Isaac asking you to teach Grace his name! Hahaha!! Love it! And John likes the Ann with the edge taken off after my glass of wine, who can blame him? :)

  3. Hahaha! Poor Isaac...he'll probably end up loving the nickname from her :) Love the new look btw!


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