June 24, 2013

Sanctifying Sunday, Sunday Best, WIWS, Birthday Blog-- or whatever!

I can't help but love how he contributes to my blogo! He said he wanted to write something to make me laugh on my birthday, which really is so thoughtful of him. 

But before I turn it over to my Matt, just one little FYI that I thought you should be aware of. 
He did ask  me: "Do you think people are going to think I am funny or really weird for writing this." 
I had no answer for him. 

Now for da man of the hour (or 3.5 minutes, however long it takes you to read this)...

This ol' move to TizzyTampa (thats the Bronx coming out of me, which I'll push it back in, but someday I'll video my shimmy or shake depending on if you're from the Bronx or Harlem--- trying to keep ya in suspense) has got us crazy. Butt (I LUV using the the wrong "but"), I'm taking time out to hook up for Saturday or Sunday best or WIWS.

The deets on my apparel
Hat: Converse, Target 4 yrs ago. LUV hats and I'm simply fine with being the old dad w 4 kids trying to hold on to my converse hat. I'm not giving it up, BAM! Nor my red vans BOOM! But, I did by a wild hat from polo 70% off that may not fly to well with the wifey- I'll keep ya posted. 

Glasses: No name. Lost my favorite pair of glasses, which Kristin consequently HATED.  I tried to remind her that as Disciples of Christ we should not hate.  Well, the old glasses are floating somewhere with cement shoes in the Gulf of Mexico. These new suckas were $75 bucks. I walked in, told the optometrist my wife off'd my fab pair and he pulled this box out of the garbage and said pick one & I'll put your lenses in & they're yours for $75. I asked if there was a warranty and he laughed.  

Polo TShirt: 2XL at only 11.99. I waked into Ambrcrombie and Finchbigots and the guy who weighed a buck ten soak n' wet (my rt leg weighs more than that on a diet) informs me right off the bat, before I have even crossed through the threshold of the store, that "we don't carry your size." Whhhhooa. Maybe I should call my lawyer and y'all be whooping it up at Ambercrombie and Matt!  HAAAAHAAAAHaHAhizzyha.

Beard: Super trimmed up since last week.  I LUV it long, but Isaiah said that I looked like the guy on the side of the road asking for money the other day.  I took his words as a compliment. However, my poor brother on the side of the road held a sign that said, "will work for food."  My sign would have been like my other friend at another intersection in Tampa that says, "I'm not going to lie- I need a beer."  I give that guy $20.  It's HOT down here in Florida.

Now onto Some Sunday Meat: 
Thus says the LORD:
I will pour out on the house of David
and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem
a spirit of grace and petition;
and they shall look on him whom they have pierced (also translated as THRUST THREW),
and they shall mourn for him as one mourns for an only son,
and they shall grieve over him as one grieves over a firstborn.
From the Minor Prophet Zechariah.  

Jesus is close to us. So close to us. 
He opens himself up to be close to us so that we can identify with him and others.  It's tempting for me to hit auto pilot when I hear: "Thus says The Lord." Often times I am sitting at Church thinking: "I've heard this before...." Well, I have heard it, but understanding it is completely different! Jesus' Incarnation puts Him close to our hearts. One translation, as I noted above, is rendered "Thrust threw".  I think of all the people I know (knew and will meet someday) who have been "thrust threw"and my heart breaks. But, I'm sure God's heart breaks more..... And, Jesus knows--- he really, REALLY knows how excruciatingly painful it is to be "Thrust threw."

We have a God who became fully human and knows the pain to lose a first born child-- Jesus and us.  We have a personal God who knows the pain of betrayal- by others, by ourselves, our emotions, our bodies....

He's really closer than we think. 

Shifting gears again to some photo commentary:

The kiddos were starving and the table was set and they were soaked from swimming. So, I had to change 5 kids by my lonesome (super easy by way of this deficient daddy). I am the first born and see everything as a competition.  Unfortunately the picture above can show how my determination can be a little reckless.  I was changing my God-Daughter out of her wet suit (which why the heck is that SO HARD) and she was crying when I was taking her swim top off: "You're hurting me, you're hurting me!"  I responded: "Mia, since you are part of this family, you've simple got be tough." Well, look closely at the pic above. She did have a legit claim against me.  A little hair will grow back, right? No big deal.  

I seriously almost burnt my face off taking this pic.  This is a breakfast pizza that I made for dinner as the kids were swimming. G-Free. That's all I can tell you. I'm like a mad scientist in the kitchen and I don't measure shat.  Just a big dose of LUV.  

Isaiah said: "This is awesome dad. Thanks!" Gotta love a thankful heart. 

That's all he wrote folks! Till next time- Happy Birthday, Babe.  


  1. Yea.. this is hilarious. :)

    Love it! And I hope you had a fab birthday!

  2. You know, I've been told by several different parties that when they first met me, they assumed I might be from NY (I'm not- not even close). I can understand why now. This all made perfect sense. (I'm thinking esp. "HAAAAHAAAAHaHAhizzyha," and "I'm like a mad scientist in the kitchen and I don't measure shat. Just a big dose of LUV."


  3. Haha, this is too funny! My fav part is about the A&F lawsuit. Happy b-day!

  4. Matt, I love the post and the new glasses.


  5. Matt, I love the post and the new glasses.


  6. Matt, love the post and the new glasses. Miss you all!


  7. Okay, I'm peeing my pants. This is soooo funny and soooo Matt.
    You really did marry a great one.
    And sorry I haven't sent you a bday anything. Prob. because Junie was 1.5 weeks old and I didn't know the difference between night and day.
    Love you lots and you don't look a day over 29!
    Hoping next time we are together we can celebrate - if no one is preggos.


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